Nico Dives Cool rewarded for his efforts to protect the environment

Nico Dives Cool involvement to protect and respect the ocean

Since opening Nico Dives Cool in 2014, Nico has never stopped his engagement towards the environment which is to protect and respect the ocean. Being a passionate diver, Nico has a strong connection with nature. He realizes the importance of keeping it untouched and alive. The pollution problems nowadays in Indonesia are big. Nico is willing to do his best to stop the damages or at least to bring awareness.

At Nico Dives Cool we offer free water to whoever enters the shop with a refillable bottle. We also provide plastic-free lunch boxes. Nico Dives Cool provides reef-safe sunscreen for all our customers and diving guides. Beach and underwater clean ups are part of Nico Dives Cool team to do list calendar. Nico regularly trains the staff on how to respect and protect the ocean and its marine life. In 2016  Nico Dives Cool team has been awarded “Clean ocean warriors” for being the most Enthusiastic team during the big Clean Oceans Diveathon organized by the R.O.L.E Foundation.

R.O.L.E Foundation (Rivers, Oceans, Lands and Ecology) was created to stop land-based waste from getting into the oceans. They also empower underprivileged people through education,  promoting wellbeing and self reliance by creating sustainable jobs for them.

Nico Dives Cool protect and respect the ocean by doing regular beach clean up
Nico Dives Cool Bali Beach Clean Up

Nico and Green Fins working side by side to protect and respect the ocean

As we have Traffic Regulations on land, we also need some regulations underwater to protect the environment while diving, snorkeling or doing any activities related to the sea.

Green Fins was established through a partnership between the United Nations Environment Program and the Reef World Foundation in 2004 to do just that. As a member of Green Fins, Nico uses the material support provided to train his dive masters and instructors. He also teaches his customers how to protect and respect the ocean and its marine life while diving.

Hundreds of dive centers from 7 countries have signed up with Green Fins. Be a part of this great institution whose sole purpose is to save the blue Planet from increasing pollution.

Nico protects and respects the ocean by explaining environmental guidelines during his pre-dive briefings
Dive Briefing and environmental guidelines

Nico Personality of the Year 2018

While promoting Nico Dives Cool at ADEX dive exhibition in Singapore, Nico was awarded the prize for Personality of the year 2018. ADEX, (Asia Dive Expo) is the largest dive expo in Asia.

The Awards honored 3 businesses and 1 individual for their constant devotion to a sustainable tourism.

Being eco-friendly is not an easy thing to do but it is possible. One day at a time, little by little, including changes in our daily life does make a difference.

Nico was awarded for : “… pioneering efforts in promoting sustainable marine tourism in the private sector and mobilization of various stakeholders in promoting sustainable business practices.” The Coral Triangle Center, Organizer of the competition.

The Coral Triangle Center in Sanur is an independent and nonprofit foundation since 2011. Their goal is to promote the conservation of marine biodiversity. They train people to act for a healthy and thriving Coral Triangle which covers 6 countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste).

Protect and Respect the Ocean :Blue Green 360 Personality of the Year 2018 Award
Blue Green 360 Personality of the Year 2018 Award

Protect and respect the ocean : What’s next ?

Nico will keep making time for beach clean ups . He will keep educate his customers to environmentally-friendly diving practices. Spreading awareness to protect and respect the ocean is very important for him. This world is giving us so much, the least we can do is respect it.

By showing the beauties of our underwater world Nico believes that people will be more aware of the necessity to protect our environment.

“Educating the youth is one of the best ways to change this world for the best” says Nico.

And this is why his next project is to invite local children to snorkel. Nico wants to share with them his passion for the ocean and its treasures. This is why he will organize snorkel activities with his team in Sanur beach. A project close to his heart : Educating the new generation for a better future.

Educating Children to protect and respect the ocean
Educating Children to protect and respect the environment

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