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SSI and PADI Specialty Courses

SSI and PADI Specialty Courses are designed to build upon your Open Water Diver Certification Course. You can gain more theory and practice across a wide range of diving specialties and styles. These courses are voluntary and not necessary to complete. However, it is a good idea to continue your education, and keep developing diving skills based on your preferences. There are certain specialties we always recommend to developing divers. These courses include Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diving, Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation, React Right First Aid and of course the Advanced Open Water Diver. Having said that, several of these courses are necessary to complete if you choose to develop towards a pro diver career in your future.  

Advance your diving skills, dive theory, and experience with this fun diving course. Complete Deep Diving and Navigation specialty diving skills, and choose three other specialties depending on your own preferences. The Advanced Open Water Diver Course usually requires two days to complete

The Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diving Course will enable you to increase the oxygen amount in your air bottles. In consequence this will allow you to increase your bottom time without risking decompression sickness. This is highly recommended if you want to stay deeper and longer. 

The Deep Diving Course will allow you to increase your ability to safely dive deeper. If you are into large marine animals like sharks, the mola mola, or whales, this is the right course for you. These animals are more likely seen deep!

Do you want to reduce your air consumption and extend your diving time? The Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course will enable you to significantly improve you buoyancy and bottom time.

The Underwater Navigation Course will allow you to safely navigate various topographies while diving. Decrease your chances to get lost by learning about underwater navigation techniques and skills.

Did you know that the ocean becomes alive at night? Are you interested what exactly is going on at night in the sea? The Night Diving and Limited Visibility Course will bring you into the ocean after sunset. What a thrill!

Do you want to increase you abilities to shoot amazing photography and videography under the sea? The Underwater Photography and Videography Course will teach you basic skills, including framing, composition, lighting, and white balance editing. 

Currents can be unpredictable and certain topographies will naturally create weak to very strong diving. Be prepared for the unexpected and learn how to drift dive in the currents. Learn how to manage up and down currents and become a star diver with this amazing Drift and Current Diving Course.

Wrecks create some of the most amazing diving sites in the World. They become artificial reefs and attract and abundance of sea life for you to observe. Learn how to safely access, navigate, and penetrate wrecks. The Wreck Diving Course is great fun, indeed.

Want to learn how search and rescue divers perform recoveries? The Search and Recovery Course will help you built skills and techniques to recover lost objects. 

Do you want to become a great diver and help identify and treat basic diving injuries? It doesn’t happen often but being prepared can safe your buddies life in case of an emergency at water or under the sea. The React Right First Aid Course will give you the skills and techniques to safe lives.

Probably the most fun diving course of all of them. Despite being a serious topic the Rescue Diver Course will help you acquire the right skills to save lives. Learn about diving injuries, how to protect yourself and help fellow divers in case of an emergency. 

Sidemount Diving is and amazing experience. It’s hard to go back once you have tried it. Enjoy the ease of movement without a heavy tank on your back. Let’s work on your trim, buoyancy, air consumption and bottom time. Discover a new feeling of buoyancy with this exciting diving style. Enjoy long dives by bringing two tanks with you underwater.

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