Snorkel Tulamben

The warm waters of Tulamben welcome you to an incredible world of natural and manmade beauties.
After choosing your sea view table in the restaurant, you head off to discover the colorful life under the waves and will find statues amongst the fish and coral. Ganesh, Hanoman, a reclining Buddha and more have found a home amongst the damselfish and moray eels creating the eerie and magical atmosphere of a sunken kingdom.
After a lush lunch, overlooking the sea you head off to explore the main attraction, the sunken WWII US Army Transport vessel, The Liberty.
The 120m long boat, resting on her side, offers great snorkeling opportunities, a large portion being no deeper than 4 to 10 meters.
The more adventurous may even free dive down through the cargo hold (11m). Plenty to see right below the surface too and don’t be surprised if the surgeonfish and sergeant majors get a bit close and cozy.