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Completing the Dive Master Course in Bali

The Dive Master Course enables you to access the first professional diving level. Therefore it is very important to understand and become familiar with the responsibilities that this role implies. 

At Nico Dives Cool, we focus on practical application of the dive theory with a good mix of fun. This way you learn to apply the theory in real life and under supervision. Our Dive Master Interns are invited to observe scuba diving instructors while they are guiding and teaching real guests. This is why our Dive Master Course internship program involves the student in daily activities of the dive center.

Doing your Dive Master Internship in a small Dive Shop, like ours, will allow you to understand the entire operation, including a lot of diving. Not just with other Dive Master Interns but with real guests in the real World.

About the Dive Master Course

The Dive Master Program includes theoretical courses, water skills development sessions and practical training sessions.

You will study in-depth the role of a Dive Master, how to prepare and conduct dives. 

With your Dive Master Course, you gonna have pool sessions during which you will learn how to demonstrate all the Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver skills.

We will review the dive emergency procedures, to prepare you to recognise stress and to react in challenging situations. We will teach you how to provide care and comfort to the future divers under your supervision.

During your Dive Master Course internship, you will learn how to do a dive briefing, how to lead divers and how to do be a good dive guide. You will learn lead and guide deep dives and night dives as well. We will work on improving your buoyancy and navigation skills.

Most importantly you will dive a lot and with real guests. You will learn how to act as a role model and to become a true Dive Professional.

To start the Dive Master Internship program, you must already be a Rescue Diver and have at least 40 logged dives. If you haven’t reached that level yet, no worries, you can reach it with us.

Duration for the Dive Master Course

For a great Dive Master Internship you should allocate at least 3-4 weeks time. The speed of completion will mostly depend on your existing diving experience. Secondly it will depend on  how quickly you pass the diving theory and mandatory confined and open water exercises. We can tailor the length to your requirements, however we want you to be a confident Dive Professional before we certify you. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your questions.

What differentiates us from other Dive Centres

At Nico Dives Cools we want you to have the best learning experience possible. This is why we keep our student ratios to dive instructors extremely low. Compared to other large dive centres you get a highly personalised course and diving practice experience. Very often our experienced diving instructors will only teach one Dive Master at a time. This is different to larger diver centers where Dive Masters learn and practice together. In general we prefer to have no more than one Dive Master Course student per instructor so we can assure a quality education. Also, this is the key reasons why Nico Dives Cool has such an amazing 5-Star reputation amongst its customers. Simply let us know your preferences and we will make sure that you have a fantastic learning experience.

What is included in the Dive Master Course?

On the days of your courses we will pick you up from your hotel and later drop you off too. 

If you don’t have your own equipment yet, you can use our. We only use high quality gear, from trusted scuba gear producers such as, Apeks or Aqualung

Lunch and Drinks are also included on all course related and practice days.

Experience Summary


All Inclusive:

  • Learning Materials (SSI digital pro kits)
  • SSI Dive Master Professional Certification
  • Transport in air-conditioned bus to and from training site(s)
  • Full set of diving equipment (Apeks and Aqualung)
  • Experienced Instructor speaking English, French, or Indonesian
  • All pool sessions, theoretical courses and training workshops
  • All dive and costs associated to these dives (transport by car and boat, taxes, tanks, porter fees)
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks
  • Toilet, shower, towel and changing rooms
  • Oxygen Kit and First Aid available on site
  • Free Wifi at the dive shop
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