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Discovery Scuba Diving for Beginners

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Discovery Scuba Diving in Bali

Do you love the ocean and watching marine life in their natural habitat? Your are not sure if to commit to a full scuba diver or open water scuba diving course? Why not try the one day “discovery scuba diving” experience?

At Nico Dives Cool we specialise in discover scuba diving and making your day an unforgettable experience. Our highly professional and very experienced scuba diving instructors will take amazing care of you so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Before jumping in the water we will take time to introduce you to scuba diving and the required equipment. Once you are familiar with the dive gear we will practice some basic diving skills in confined water (a shallow bay or pool).  Once you feel comfortable breathing underwater, equalising your ears, and performing some very basic diving skills we will introduce you to the open water (ocean) and guide you in this amazing discovery. 

Discovery Scuba Diving in Tulamben

What is included?

On the day we will pick up from your hotel and later drop you off too. Basic diving insurance is included as is all necessary gear for the discovery scuba diving experience. We only use high quality gear, from trusted scuba gear producers such as, Apeks regulators or Aqualung dive gear. We will have one confined water sessions (shallow water, or pool) for skills practice and two (2) open water dives. Our maximum ratio for beginner divers to scuba instructors is 2:1, meaning we will never have more than two students per qualified diving instructor. This will make your experience a lot more enjoyable and one of the key reasons why Nico Dives Cool has such an amazing 5-Stars reputation in Bali.

Scuba Diving Courses with Nico Dives Cool Bali

Your Try Diving experience will be unforgettable

You will be excited and amazed, while busy observing the abundance of sea life around you. But don’t worry – your highly qualified diving instructor will be with you, guide you, and take care of all your needs at all time during your discovery scuba diving course.

Most likely your discovery scuba diving experience will be a life changing event. You will learn to about the symbiotic nature of the ocean and marine life and experience first hand what evolution is all about by going back in time; observing with your own eyes where life began. If you are like us you will never forget your first time scuba diving and how it made you feel. The first time you dive is an unforgettable experience.

You can do a discovery scuba dive from the age of 10 years and we will take you diving to a maximum depth of around 12m depending on your age, diving performance, comfort level, and adventure spirit.

Contact us now via WhatsApp or Email for help, advise, and bookings. Check out our current price list.

Experience Summary


  • Min. 10 years of age (8 and 9 years old kids can try scuba diving with Nico. As  a specially trained instructor, Nico can teach Scuba Rangers Programs from 8 years old)
  • Good physical health and condition

All Inclusive:

  • 1x Confined water practice (pool or shallow water)
  • 2x Open water dives (ocean)
  • SSI or PADI instructor teaching in English, French, or Indonesian
  • Toilet, shower, change rooms
  • Pick-up & Drop Off
  • Snack, Drinks, and Lunch at a beachside restaurant
  • Max. 2 Students per PADI/ SSI Diving Instructor
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