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Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course

Improve your Buoyancy, Control and Air Consumption

Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course

Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course in Bali

The Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course is a popular course to improve you buoyancy skills underwater. At Nico Dives Cool you can choose to become certified either with SSI or PADI. Both diving federations are recognised throughout the World. 

Once completed you will have the basic skills and theoretical knowledge to significantly improve your diving control and buoyancy. Once you have completed your Open Water Diver Course is natural to work on your buoyancy. This course will assist you to significantly accelerate your natural buoyancy skills. Natural Buoyancy is the ability to float at the same depth without either ascending or descending. 

In effect this allows you to exercise much better control over your dives and in turn reduces your air consumption. Often quite significantly.

With a good control over your buoyancy, you will not only look and feel like an advanced diver. You will also increase your comfort in the water, consume less air, and will be less likely to get tired underwater.

A good buoyancy control also plays a role in protecting the marine environment from damage, such as broken corals inflicted by divers who cannot stay neutrally buoyant. 

What differentiates us from other Dive Centres

At Nico Dives Cools we want you to have the best learning experience possible. This is why we keep our student ratios to dive instructors extremely low. Compared to other large dive centres you get a highly personalised course and diving practice experience. Very often our experience diving instructor will only teach one student at a time. In general we prefer to have no more than two students per instructor so we can assure a quality education. Also, this is the key reasons why Nico Dives Cool has such an amazing 5-Star reputation amongst its customers. Having said that we can be flexible if you want to do your course with several people. Simply let us know your preferences and we will make sure that you have a fantastic learning experience.

What is included in the Perfect Buoyancy Course?

On the day of your diving course we will pick you up from your hotel and later drop you off too. On the drive we review your diving knowledge, to make sure you have a good grasp of the diving theory required for the course.

Basic diving insurance is included as its all necessary gear for the course. We only use high quality gear, from trusted scuba gear producers such as, Apeks or Aqualung

In the water we will complete all required skills exercises over two (2) dives, outside of the water we will work on the theory. We will take you to either Tulamben, Amed, or Padang Bai to complete your training dives. These are amazing dive sites. If you prefer to be quickly done with the course we can do the course in Sanur, but personally, we prefer the other diving sites.

Experience Summary


  • Scuba diver (Junior) Certificate

All Inclusive:

  • Learning Materials (SSI digital kits or PADI original manual)
  • Perfect Buoyancy Certification 
  • Transport in air-conditioned bus to and from training site(s)
  • Full set of diving equipment (Apeks and Aqualung)
  • SSI or PADI Instructor speaking English, French, or Bahasa Indonesia
  • Theoretical course work
  • Skills practice underwater
  • 2 dives in the ocean
  • Porter available to carry the equipment/tank to and from the dive site
  • Toilet, shower and changing rooms
  • Diving Insurance (Decompression Chamber only)
  • Oxygen Kit and First Aid available on site
  • Free Wifi at the dive shop
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