What to do in Sanur

Beach clubbing:

Artotel Beach Club (also called ABC)

Imagine yourself drinking a cocktail while chilling by the pool, watching the beach further down. You are at Artotel, new beach club in Sanur. The club became quickly popular for its yummy food, monthly offers and ideal facilities for younger and older ones. You are welcome to use the lounge chairs or the comfortable lounge beds or the tables and chairs for your breakfast, lunch or diner. The music is always great and the decoration of good taste. And cherry on top of the cake, your kids will be able to enjoy the big playground, our favorite area. Green space and tree house, slide, swing, sand pit, all is made to be a heaven for kids. A place where you will surely be pleased to be on Sundays with your family and friends.

Romantic dinner:

Tandjung Sari (Cape of Flowers)

If you feel like being romantic, Tandjung Sari, cape of Flowers, is the perfect place for a candlelight diner. In a relaxing and soothing atmosphère, enjoy the peaceful way of living of Balinese, by dining by the sea in a superb environment. The dishes will leave you voiceless, they are prepared with care, beautifully decorated and taste remarkably good. The diversity of choices on the menu and the wine list will nicely surprise you. His idyllic setting will help to make your evening, a successful and unforgettable one. A winner choice for sure !


Sailing in Sanur Bay

It’s always nice to dabble in Sanur’s ocean. Here, there are little waves, the ocean is calm and even in high tide, not really deep. We easily find canoes and kayaks in good condition to rent from small warungs on the beach. For little money, we can sail and paddle from North to South of Sanur bay, one of the numerous pier along the coast will be the perfect spot for a little break and tea time if you get a bit tired. The adventurous ones might go further away from the shore and have the pleasure to whiteness hundreds of beautiful fishes hanging out near the surface of the water. You won’t resist a jump and a little swim.


A massage by the sea shore

Recommended by all on Trip Advisor, and by us (loyal customers), is the Aroma spa. By the seashore, in a relaxing atmosphere, this spa provides a swimming pool and a relaxing garden and is accessible by pantai Mertasari. The staff there is highly qualified and really competent, the services impeccable, as is the cleaness of the place. A dozen of packages and treatment combinations are possible among which ones you will have to choose between 3 styles of massages, from the softest one to the strongest. Before and after your treatment you will get to drink a delicious ginger tea. You will leave this place peaceful and relaxed.

Practice yoga:

The lotus position on the white sandy beach

The beginners like the most experimented will find what they look for. Some relaxing and zen time. The yoga classes take place on Sanur beach near Pantai Karang every morning around 7:30 am. The classes are free and accessible to all, you only have to bring your water and yoga mat and you are good to go. Breath in, breath out, the day start in the best way possible. Starting your day by yoga practice will help you concentrate, be more relaxed and positive. Besides, doing sport in the morning gives you satisfaction and energy for the rest of the day.

Watch the fire dance:

Bamboo bar on Prama beach

If you wonder where to go on saturday night, here you got your answer : The bamboo bar offers you DJ and fire dancers, and this, the feet in the sand and a cocktail in your hand. Dreamy place for amazing evening. Each saturday night the place catch fire thanks to his DJ that perfectly mix older and new tubes with dexterity and the fire dancers that make the show a spectacular one with their incredible talent. The bamboo bar got a few round lounge beds facing the ocean, their pizzas are excellent ands their drink nicely blended. You can access the place by Jalan Cemara and the Prama hotel. Bring on Saturday night !

Exploring markets:

A Sunday on the beach

Sundays in Sanur are always the opportunity to have a good time and go shopping. Local designers and small family businesses have rendez-vous by the beach, close by the Mercure hotel. Among the exhibitors we found : jewelry and clothing creators, floral creations, cute teddy bears made from recycled fabric and all the usual Balinese souvenirs. Open from 10am till 5pm, we can enjoy a refreshing swim between 2 shopping sessions. Kebab, crêpes, quiches, Indonesian style rice, fresh juices and desserts, the choice is countless for your lunch. Musicians are playing light music. Nearby, Genius café, got a little area for toddlers to play, draw and get face painted. The giant bouncy castle at the market got a big success from the bigger kids. And not to forget is Angélique, the sacred cow of power of Now Oasis, reputable yoga center in Sanur beach front. What else ?

Learning to cook local:

Chef Mudana, communicative smile,and delicate taste

For the food lovers, here is a cooking class that will please you for sure. Chef Mudana welcome you in his family house in Sanur. The day start by a visit to the Jimbaran local market. You will find there all the products and ingredients needed for your class. A visit that will leave you hungry 🙂 But no worries, a yummy breakfast is waiting for you at Chef Mudana’s restaurant in Sanur. After, it’s time to start cutting the veggies, cook some delicious dishes, add some savours here and there, and of course spice up things a bit. The following lunch, prepared by yourself and Chef Mudana and his famous smile, will delight your papillas. You will leave the place the stomach full, and a few dishes to bring home. You will get as well the recipes by email so you can cook back at home and impress your guests with delicious and exotic recipes.

Have a walk in a man-made garden:

The Big Garden Corner

A little green patch in South Bali…The Big Garden corner is a little garden with sculptures, statues and different kind of decorations. We find there a couple of kid playgrounds, courtyards for relaxing, a few restaurants to have a snack, tree houses and beanbags. We spend there pleasant afternoons. A new playground including water park just opened beginning of this year. The decoration is a mix of modern and traditional art, mini-Borobudurs ( traditional art from Java) cross bright colors statues and elephants made from recycled cans. This place is very popular among Indonesians as it is a perfect selfie spot. Each angle, each panorama, each thing is a purpose for one more photography 🙂

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