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Snorkel Amed

An unspoiled site perfect for shore snorkeling

Snorkeling Amed for all

Snorkel Amed

Snorkel Amed, with its black volcanic sand, is located on the northeastern coastline of Bali and is known for its many beautiful snorkeling spots. This area is not as crowded as some of the other beaches in Bali and coupled with conservation efforts, the underwater condition off the coast is still relatively healthy. A reef grows directly from the shore, creating shallow underwater spots, making Amed perfect for shore snorkeling!

Jemeluk Bay, the most popular site in Amed, will enchant you with its coral and an underwater temple, also known as the Underwater Post Office. The waters here are usually calm, so it is a great spot for families to snorkel. The drop-off allows you to peer into the blue and catch a glimpse of the occasional big fish. You might also spot other marine life such as Angelfish, Surgeonfish, Moray Eel, Lionfish, Trumpet fish, Turtles, and Blue Spotted Ray, among many other varieties.

Another popular snorkeling spot is Lipah Bay. This site is truly Nemo’s world. Marvel at the underwater world teeming with marine life, as you enter a technicolored universe of hard and soft coral. Spot small rays passing by, shimmering mackerel and iridescent squid.

Or if shipwrecks are your thing, why not pop by the Japanese wreck? A mysterious Japanese landing vessel from WWII is now inhabited by an incredible number of marine life and coral. You can still make out the latrines and propeller. Huge carpets of branching coral and colorful bommies offer a fantastic backdrop.

After all the snorkeling, lunch at one of the eateries just a few meters away from the water.!

What is Included

We include all necessities in our price.

  • 2 snorkel dives guided by an experienced and professional dive guide
  • snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, boots and fins, wetsuit and life jacket if needed)
  • big safety buoy with handles for your comfort
  • drinks and snacks between the dives
  • lunch in a restaurant on the beach 
  • all diving taxes and fees
  • fresh and clean beach towel
  • Transport by car 
  • Free pick-up for for Sanur, Kuta, Benoa amd Nusa Dua. For other areas, an additional fee might be charged.
Please visit our full price list for details. 
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