Snorkel Padang Bai

In Padangbai, the boat ride lasts only 15 minutes but what a ride. You get a chance to see the beautiful coastline and discover the hidden beaches of blue lagoon and Bias Tuggal.
The furthest site Jepun offers a very shallow and colorful reef with the possibility to see all sorts of incredible fish including the entire ‘Nemo’ cast, parrot fish, octopus, trumpet fish and many more.
The more adventurous may swim out to the deeper parts with the hope of catching a glimpse of a timid reef shark or barracuda. Blue lagoon, Bias Tuggal and Temple offer a different reef with scattered coral bommies and the occasional turtle, big ray or squid pod.
After an exciting morning of exploration, what a treat to eat overlooking the sea at a top quality restaurant.