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PADI IDC staff instructor & SSI Instructor Trainer, Nico is an experienced and high qualified diving instructor. He built his experience by traveling all around the world and working as an instructor in Mexico, Utila, Philippines, Thailand, Kanawa Island, as well as a diving liveaboard Manager in the Philippines and in the Komodo. Below you can learn about us and our philosophy.


Caring about our Customers what We are all about

During his journey, he noticed various ways to manage dive centres and to run scuba diving education and the “industry” methods of some centres disappointed him a lot.That’s why, Nico decided to open his own dive shop “Nico Dives Cool Bali”. With it the aim is to offer something much more intimate and caring, far away from this big diving industry standards. We focus on small groups, have much stricter student to instructor ratios than most other dive shops. We truly care about the best learning experience and the best fun diving in Bali. Our wish is to make you smile from pick up, to diving preparation, to actual diving, and when bringing you back to your hotel. 

This is why we are one of the highest rated dive shops in Bali. Read about us from our customers by clicking on the platforms of your choice : TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google Profile.

Responsible Eco Dive Shop

Nico really enjoys teaching and sharing his passion for diving with beginners and experienced divers. He is very aware of the key role we all play in protecting the environment, above and under the water. We run a eco dive shop philosophy. This means we minimise (close to zero) plastic waste. We also refill water bottles for our guest and cook our own snack not to produce unnecessary waste. We do not interact with wild life because we know how fragile it is and how human interaction can damage or kill some species almost instantly. This is responsible diving as it should be practiced everywhere. Well, at least in our humble opinion.


Meet the Team - Dive Shop and Office

About Nico Dives Cool Bali


A highly experienced diving industry Nico guides and teaches all level of divers. He is an PADI Staff Instructor and SSI Instructor Trainer. More importantly Nico stays always positive and it does rub off on you. Safe, fun, and exciting diving is what makes Nico’s Customers smile. His wish is for you to smile all day long. 


This enthusiastic marketing advisor is a social media expert. Smiley and communicative, Caroline is out going. She loves writing and trekking, exploring new ideas and landscapes. A few years ago, this young mother fell in love with Bali that she calls home now. She likes to challenge her skills to create unique videos for us. We treasure her and her precious work.


Nico’s wife is the one who manage the office and handles all the paperwork of the company. A great organizer, she is juggling between scheduling and optimising diving schedules and requests. She tirelessly optimised schedules to satisify all customer requests and demands. As rescue diver, she knows the scuba diving world very well and will be happy to advise you. She makes sure that all trips go smoothly and that everyone has a great day.

Meet the Team and learn about us - Logistics

Husein, taking care of the diving equipment at Nico Dives Cool Bali


The friendly Husen is the one who welcomes you at the dive center. Reliable and multi tasking, he is in charge of the dive center, its logistics, and the equipment. Being a motivated and hard worker, he is the one who wakes up early to manage all morning activities before the diving day starts. Husen speaks English, Indonesian and is learning Japanese. He is keen on everything related to Japanese culture and especially Manga and Anime.



Wahyu is our kind and discrete logistic support guy. He works “behind the scene” to make sure that you do not miss anything during your dive and that everything fits you well. This passionate mechanic will prepare every evening your diving bag for the next day. He studied computer science, software creation, and network engineering. So he enjoys fixing any little or big problem we come across from a tech perspective.

Putu, driver for Nico Dives Cool Bali dive center


Putu is our welcoming and friendly driver, who will drive you smoothly where you need to go. As a dedicated driver, he will arrange any wish you would have. His smile and good mood will accompany you from the beginning to the end. Putu is native of Bali, so he knows his island better than anyone. Loving father of two kids, he can not wait to have more children.

Meet the Team and learn about us - Instructors

Angga dive instructor in Bali guides divers and snorkelers


Angga is a highly-qualified SSI and PADI diving instructor. He is a former journalist and is an amateur photographer. He worked and managed different dive centres in Bali, where he gained a lot of professional experience. Passionate and highly professional, he speaks English and Indonesian.

Nyoman, dive instructor guiding divers and snorkelers in all Bali dive spot


This French, English and Indonesian speaking balinese instructor will astonish you with his competence. Humble, with so much diving knowledge, he will make you feel comfortable in and out the water. This caring PADI diving instructor will share his passion for Bali Underwater life with you.

Happy Jukung sailer in Padang Bai


The wind, the waves and the currents have no secret for him. Mentul is super proud of his pretty Jukung that you will have the chance to sail on if you ever dive in Padang Bai with us. He feels responsible for his passengers and becomes our favorite captain, always ready to help you to get in and out of the water, carrying your equipment and looking after everyone. He is a real gem !

Jance, dive instructor guiding divers and snorkelers in all Bali dive spot


Jance makes any diving trip a relaxed and funny one. Humorous, professional and easy going, he is an instructor like no other. Knowing all Bali dive sites inside out, he is amazing at finding shy species. Besides all of those qualities, Jance got years and years of experience. Hence, he is then a very trusted PADI and SSI guide and instructor. You will enjoy diving with Jance, guaranteed.


Responsible and attentive, Robert is an experienced PADI diving instructor. He started diving in 2004 in Manado, Sulawesi but decided to settle in Bali after falling in love with Bali and his Balinese wife. Very professional and social, he will take good care of you.

Fitri Dive Master


Fitri is a dynamic young Indonesian woman who will welcome you in the morning. Passionate by the ocean, she studied Marine Biology. Since her first dive in Padang Bai in 2013, she grew to become a Dive Master. Her love for the marine life combined with her abilities to work in the office make her a great element of our team. She loves Graphism and likes to create new designs whenever she got spare time.

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