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March 2018

PADI or SSI for your dive courses


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At Nico Dives Cool, we give you the choice between PADI and SSI for each course. You may wonder which one of these 2 Diving Training Agencies is the best……

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Sunset in Sanur, Bali

The Balinese and the Ocean

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The Balinese have a very special and unique relationship with the ocean. The ocean accompanies them all their life, from the beginning to the end, they are blessed in it…

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Beautiful Balinese offerings blessed by the priest

Nyepi: the Day when Silence is Gold

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Up all night, Devils, Gods and firecrackers. No noise, the streets are deserted, no light can be seen, even the planes stay still, dogs are quiet, no sound can be…

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Rafting Graha river in Bali

Rafting, a Great Activity for Everyone

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Bali is, yes, a small island but surely not one where you will get bored…Rice fields, trekking, swimming, kayaking, yoga, diving, there is a lot to do. One of our…

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The Ocean, Its Great Fish and a Few More Tips and Secrets

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The ocean never stops amazing us, from pretty fish to huge sweet giants, how to get the best shots of it and bring it home? But before that, let’s talk…

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