Bali top 5 dives sites for beginners

Scuba Diving Bali – Top-5 Dive Spots for Beginner Divers

Should I try Scuba Diving in Bali? Is Bali a good place to try diving? Can I do my Open Water Course in Bali? These are the questions we are addressing in our blog post about the top-5 dive sites for beginners in Bali. Try Diving with us is great fun!

Try Scuba Diving Bali

An Unforgettable Experience – Scuba Diving Bali

Did you know that scuba diving in Bali is often quoted as one of the best memories from a trip to the Island of Gods? Many people miss out on experiencing diving for the first time when visiting Bali. The island offers some of the best and easiest accessible dive sites in South East Asia. Whether you are an experienced advance diver looking for some current diving, or a beginner that is looking to try diving, Bali has something for everyone. Hence, Scuba Diving Bali is a must-do if you want some unforgettable memories of your adventure holiday to Indonesia.

Here in Bali, experience scuba diving with literally hundreds of diverse, colourful, and lively sea creatures. You will find everything from microscopic macro creatures to large pelagic marine life. For example, you can encounter numerous Shark species, the gigantic and famous Ocean Sunfish (June through October), and the graceful Manta Ray. Possibly, even entire swarms of them!

In addition we have one of the best wreck dives in the world right here in Tulamben. Scuba Diving Bali and encountering the USAT Liberty Ship Wreck (aka the Bali Wreck) will be an absolute highlight of your Bali vacation. Promise! We love to see you come out of the water all excited and blown away by this magnificent experience. You can Snorkel or Dive this amazing site.

Why Try Diving in Bali?

When you decide to try scuba diving or do your SSI or PADI Open Water Diver Course, dive shops will often advise that many awesome dive sites require some experience. So new divers usually cannot access these dive sites. However, here in Bali we aim to combine education with amazing dive sites, because it is safe and possible to do so here.

When scuba diving in Bali, amazing structures, coral reefs harbouring life, and large fish are often found not too deep under the water. This means we can easily access these marine reservoirs as beginner divers. We rarely have to submerge ourselves deeper than 12m to experience the wonders of the sea.

Bali Discovery Diving package in Bali

Is Scuba Diving Bali Fun?

Full of life, we also find teaching scuba diving courses here much easier than in other parts of the world. This is mostly due to the overwhelming variety of underwater life that we encounter here. Excited by the prospect of the marine life they can see, students are distracted from any nerves they might have about jumping into the water.

We have taught in numerous places around the world and there is a reason why we settled here in Bali. It is way more fun for students and beginner divers to learn diving here. We regularly hear positive comments about the diversity of the type of dives that Bali offers. Would you like to dive from the shore, from a traditional boat or from a speed-boat ? Here, you can dive colourful natural reefs or explore amazing wrecks, discover stunning wall or quiet bay, immerse yourself in calm waters or more challenging ones. Bali has it all.

Top scuba diving sites are more easily reached in Bali

So let’s have a look at some of the dive sites here which are great for all levels of divers including beginner divers. We list our Top-5 sites below. Our first three sites are perfectly suited for first time divers (aka discovery scuba divers). The latter two are excellent for new divers once they are certified (Open Water Divers).

Like with every first time diver, whether you are getting a certification, or just trying diving for the first time, we always start with a bit of theory and diving skills to practice in confined water (either in a pool or in shallow water). Getting you comfortable with the diving gear and preparing you to go dive safely is super important. Once you are comfortable with the diving skills, we bring you for two dives with your Discovery Scuba Diving Course and/or four open water dives for your Open Water Course. Padang Bai and Tulamben are perfect dive destinations for teaching and learning. Naturally we will advise you of any local restrictions based on weather or water conditions (if any).

Scuba Diving Bali – Top-5 Dives Sites for Beginners

Blue Lagoon – Padang Bai

Scuba Diving Bali Octopus Padang Bai

Blue Lagoon is an amazing lagoon ideally suitable for beginner divers, as the waters are calm with no strong currents. It is filled with colourful coral bommies, a sandy slope full of critters, and many amazing creatures’ hiding spots. It boasts marine life, macro, critters, nudibranchs, and the occasional sighting of sharks and turtles. Don’t worry, Bali’s cute reef sharks are not aggressive at all and we have never heard of an unprovoked attack. In fact we are lucky when we see them, as they fear us divers way more.

Coral Garden – Tulamben

Coral Garden Nemo Tulamben

Coral Garden is another wonderful coral reef located at the east coast of Bali. We love coming here and observing the amazing symbiotic relationship between the sea anemones and the many types of clown fish (aka Nemo!). Of course we couldn’t miss the amazing Bali underwater statues under and within which we often find various shrimps, soldier fish, and other marine life.

USAT Liberty Ship Wreck – Tulamben

Tulamben Ship Bali Wreck

I would say this is probably the most exciting site for beginner divers. Why? Because it is a rare occasion for beginner divers to view such an impressive wreck up close. Located at a depth of 8m onwards, the over 120m long USAT Liberty Ship Wreck (aka Bali Wreck) sank around 60 years ago. It has now become a spectacular artificial reef and attracts all sort of marine life. We often sight Barracuda Fish, Turtles, Moray Eels, and large groups of colourful fish here. No beginner diver ever forgets this stunning dive spot. If you choose to try diving or to do your SSI or PADI Open Water Diver Course here, you will certainly not regret it.

Manta Point – Nusa Penida

Manta Ray Nusa Penida Scuba Diving Bali

Manta Point or Diving with Manta Rays is a highly memorable experience. With a wingspan of up to 3m, be amazed by these graceful creatures as they glide past you. We regularly see them at Manta Point on our Nusa Penida day trip for certified divers. Get your Open Water Diver Certification with us and book a diving day-trip to Nusa Penida. You will love it. If you are not certified but would like to swim with the majestic Manta Rays, you can do so by booking a snorkeling trip to Nusa Penida with us. The Manta Rays swim in circle close to the surface and their encounter is an amazing experience for snorkelers.

Crystal Bay – Nusa Penida

Mantis Shrimp Scuba Diving Bali

Once certified, we can bring you diving in Nusa Penida where you can dive Crystal Bay. As the name suggests, this dive site usually offers amazingly clear waters with great visibility. The corals and marine life is abundant here and it is one of a kind spot in Bali. During the colder water months of the year (June-Oct), we can occasionally encounter the Mola Mola (gigantic Ocean Sunfish) here, although they usually prefer to dive beyond the maximum depth allowed for beginner divers. Diving in Bali, we usually encounter the Sunfish at around 30-40m depth. But hey, you never know with wildlife, they might decide to come right up to you. We even once saw a Mola-Mola while snorkeling.

Is Scuba Diving in Bali is good for Beginners?

As you can see in our description of the top-5 dives sites for Beginners in Bali, this is one of the best places on Earth to start diving. Diving with Nico Dives Cool is definitely a great choice. We earned over 1,000 5-Star reviews across TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook from our customers. Our satisfied clients highlight our focus on personalisation, safety, and small student groups (1-2 Students) amongst the best Bali dive shops. Contact us here to book your own personal scuba diving Bali experience.

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