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Wreck, Wall, Blue Lagoon, and Shark Point Diving

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Diving Padang Bai

Diving Padang Bai is suitable for all levels of divers from beginners to advanced divers. There are also some great snorkeling spots here across the shallow reef. This dive site can be access straight from the white sandy beach. However, we prefer to take our guest out on a the traditional fisherman boat (Jukung) to dive and snorkel.

Padang Bai is a small village located in a perfect little bay. It is also the ferry port between Bali and Lombok, and there are passenger speed boat ferries to access Nusa Penida.

Nico Dives Cool takes you diving to seven very different but amazing dive sites. Here, you will encounter hundreds of species, large and small. We regularly observe the Oriental Sweetlips, Moray Eels, many species of Clownfish and Anemone Fish, Napoleon Wrasses, Trevallies, Jackfish, Dogtooth Tunas, King Mackerels, Crocodile Fish, Lionfish, Octopus, Pharaoh Cuttlefish and Green Turtles, just to name a few!

What is included

We include all necessities and more into our price. Dive locations, trip duration, and extras can be fully customised to your preferences and diving skills. Please contact us regarding diving Padang Bai for further information.

  • 2 dives (3rd optional)
  • normal air tanks (Nitrox available)
  • highly professional diving instructor or dive master to guide you
  • all necessary diving gear
  • all transportation
  • Lunch, water and soft drinks, fresh fruit,  snacks
  • fresh and clean towels
  • changing rooms and toilets
  • All marine park fees, taxes and boating services
  • one big fat smile at the end of your trip
  • Responsible diving – We are a proud eco dive shop and follow a zero plastic waste policy
Please visit our full price list for details and optional extras. We offer you amazing extras such as personalized photography Services, Enriched Air (Nitrox), extra large 15L tanks and a special for accompanying non-diving guests (check out our new “chill out Padang Bai” package)

How we get there

From Sanur, we take one of our buses and reach the tranquil Bay of Padang Bai. It is located about 45 minutes from Sanur in the East of Bali. Water temperatures throughout the year range from 21°C to 30°C! So, it is better to check with your dive shop before heading out there and bring that extra layer of protection, just in case. If you don’t have your own we will take care of you.

Marine Life at the Dive Site

One of our favourite dive sites is Tanjung Sari (Shark Point), and at Ferry Channel. Diving Padang Bai never disappoints. Conditions here can vary with strong currents, so we decide on the day if this dive site is suitable considering the skills and experience of our guests. At this top dive site you have a great chance to meet with White Tip, Nurse, Blacktip Reef, and Wobbegong Sharks.

You will definitely see a large variety of hard and soft corals and an abundance of life. Various types of Gorgonians, healthy Staghorn Coral, huge Coral Bommies and Table Coral can be observed here. Bias Tugal, Tanjung Sari and Blue Lagoon, in particular, are great dive sites to encounter larger marine life.

Other sites like the Secret Jetty or Secret Jepun are muck dive sites and have very little coral coverage, but tons of critters. These are fantastic dive sites for for macro lovers and photographers alike!

Experience Level:

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  • Although there are some dive sites available for beginners, some of them require advanced diving skills
  • Nico Dives Cool will provide you with an experience dive professional who knows all sites very well. Please do not question the dive professional’s judgment. 
  • Be prepared that we may decide not to dive on certain sites if conditions are not suitable for safe diving.
Snorkel Padang Bai Bali

Blue Lagoon

Using the traditional Junkung local boat, Blue Lagoon dive site is only a couple of minutes away from the Padang Bay beach. With one of the bluest waters of Bali, snorkelers and divers enjoy the underwater world a lot. This shallow coastal reef has a white sandy bottom. The corals are in very good condition, and you can see huge coral bommies that start at around 5m of depth. The fish life is abundant and amazing here, and we can encounter sharks and dolphins regularly at this dive spot. This top dive site is very popular with photographers due to the shallow depth and the quality of the marine life. Night Diving Padang Bai is a good option here as a completely different variety of unusual marine life comes out to play at night! Meeting a Spanish dancer is almost guaranteed.

Diving Bali Padang Bai Frogfish

Secret Jetty

There is a very special atmosphere when diving between the giant pillars of the Secret Jetty. The Secret Jetty dive site is one of the newest dive sites in Padang Bai, since until recently only cruise ships were docking here. Unlike the other magfnificent dive sites in Padang Bai, the sand here is black. The bottom is sloping and you will find soft corals, anemones, all directly under the jetty.

We we take you scuba diving here we always look for bali unique and special species on the sandy bottom and all around the jetty. It’s one of the best muck diving sites in Bali. We regularly encounter the Frog Fish, Seahorses, Flying Gurnard, Octopus, various Nudibranchs, Crabs, Shrimps and the elusive Crocodile Fish here. The Jetty is most definitely a macro photographer’s Heaven on Earth.

Diving Padang Bai Shark

Shark Point (Tanjung Sari)

We need only 5 minutes from Padang Bai beach to reach the dive spot by local fisherman boat. This dive site is very surprising and different from the others in Padang Bai. The fauna here is very special and we often encounter mild to strong currents here. It is not uncommon to see Green Turtles, White Tip Reef Sharks, Moray Eels, Sea Snakes, several large schools of fish here, at all once! Sometimes it is hard to focus on what to watch while streamlining yourself in the current and hiding behind some beautiful corals. The bottom is covered with nice white sand and many types of coral. We regularly observer large schools of Oriental Sweetlips, Blue Striped Snappers and Surgeon Fish here. Last but not least we almost always see the white tip reef shark here. It is an amazing dive site for night dives as well.

Diving Jepun Scorpion Fish

Pura Jepun - Diving Padang Bai

This dive site is on the Northside of the Padang Bay’s diving area past Blue Lagoon. The Jepun Wreck is a 10 minute boat journey from the main beach in Padang Bai. This dive site is a reef that descends on the white sand. On the sandy bottom we can see small groups of corals, nice sea fans, reef fish, scorpion fish, some rays and the possibility of seeing some white tip reef sharks.
The dive site starts quite shallow and gradually slopes to some 26 meters. The fishing boat sinking here has really added to this dive site. The wreck itself lies in 16m depth just next to the reef. All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures can be found here from the frog fish, blue spotted stingrays, lionfish, cuttlefish, sea horses, mantis shrimps, the Indian Ocean Walkman. This is a great location to find a small marine life and to take nice pictures.

Diving Padang Bai Octopus

Ferry Channel

This dive site is just in front of the beach of Padang Bay. We are diving in the channel where the ferries are leaving to Nusa Penida and Lombok. You can see them passing above your head while at the deepest part of our dive. We dive on a sandy sloped bottom with and abundance of corals and pinnacles.

We start the dive in the ferry channel and finish it around the corner on the other dive site Tanjung Sari. It is a great spot for macro, you see a lot of different species, but it is also a great place to find big turtles and some reef sharks. Often the Wobbegong Shark (carpet shark) can be found here!

Diving Coral Wall Scorpion Fish

Coral Wall (Baung Pentu)

This is a coral wall starting just on the left of Blue Lagoon Bay. The wall starts shallow at around 5m and slopes gently to 30m. This is a very nice site for macro life such as nudibranchs, small shrimps, leaf scorpion fish, orangutan crab, eels, lion fish, mantis shrimp and octopus. Along the wall you may see larger such as reef sharks, trevally fish, moray eels and groupers. 

Bias Tugal - Diving Padang Bai

The dive site named Bias Tugal is just in front of the ferry channel. Here you will sight beautiful corals. The slope is covered with big rock formations that make it a wonderful dive spot filled with beautiful underwater landscapes and colourful marine life. The shallow area is flat with sandy bottom and lots of coral patches. The sloping reef starts around 10m depth and goes down as far as 30m. It is not uncommon to spot white-tip reef sharks, turtles, pygmy seahorse in gorgonian coals, orangutan crab, eagle rays. Lucky divers can spot the famous Mola Mola during the Season (June to October).

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