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Diving Menjangan Island

Please note that due to its distance from Sanur we do not offer day trips here. For diving Menjangan please book this amazing experience via our Scuba Diving Package tours or include it in one of our popular Scuba Diving Safaris.

Menjangan is an island part of Bali Barat National Park located in Bali’s Northwestern area. This island is actually quite small – roughly 3km long and 0.7km wide. Actually, Menjangan is sheltered from the strong currents that run between Bali and Java. Diving Menjangen is a diver’s dream. Currents are typically mild and the visibility can be outstanding with +50m. Moreover, you can dive easily on the reef flats around 10m deep.

The word Menjangan means “deer” in classical Javanese. However we can spot the Javanese Deer rarely only on occasion these days. Apart from a small community of Hindu monks, its protected deer and some rabbits and iguanas, the island is uninhabited.

Included in the Price

We include all necessities and more into our price. Dive locations, trip duration, and extras can be fully customised to your preferences and diving skills. Please contact us regarding diving Menjangen island and we will tailor a trip for you.

  • normal air tanks (Nitrox available)
  • highly professional dive and tour guide
  • all necessary diving gear
  • all transportation
  • accommodation in hand picked and select hotels
  •  lunch, water and soft drinks, fresh fruit, snacks
  • fresh and clean towels
  • changing rooms and toilets
  • all marine taxes and boating services
  • one big fat smile at the end of your trip
  • Responsible diving – We are a proud eco dive shop and follow a zero plastic waste policy
Please visit our full price list for details and optional extras. We offer you amazing extras such as personalized photography  services, Enriched Air (Nitrox), extra large 15L tanks. 

How we get there

From Sanur, it will take between 3 to 4 hours to reach the National Park. We will pick you up from your hotel and bring you there after checking into our dive shop to fit you out with all diving gear. Once we reach the National Park, we take a little boats from the shore to reach the amazing dive sites described further down this page.One way it takes between 30-40min to reach Menjangen Island.

Marine Life at the Dive Site

Diving Menjangan offers a huge diversity in fish and coral combined with an amazing visibility. Most of the dives are wall dives with a great opportunity to dive deep between 20m to +40m. The walls are magnificent with great gorgonian sea fans, sponges and small caverns. We also find some amazing macro photography options here. As located so close to the straits between Bali & Java, deep water pelagic are a regular occurrence here. The rainy season is the best time to have a chance to spot large rays and baby whale sharks (+7m long babies!). As with everything in nature, sightings are by no means guaranteed. But we will pray to sight and dive with them.



Experience Level:

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  • Nico Dives Cool will provide you with an experienced dive professional who knows all sites very well. Please do not question the dive professional’s judgment. 
  • Be prepared that we may decide not to dive on certain sites if conditions are not safe to do so.
Diving Menjangan

POS I - Diving Menjangan

POS I refers to the ranger station located close to our dive site at the southwest tip of the island. The dive here is a relaxing easy dive site. Here we rarely encounter currents which makes this dive great to ease into our Menjangan adventure. The site has a sandy slope which has a good variety of hard & soft corals and goes down to about 30m depth. The shallow water under the jetty is well worth to be inspected as it is hosts a variety of critters including the amazing Ornate Ghost Pipefish. With its clear waters and pleasant reef slope, POS I is also a good snorkeling spot and adequate for beginner divers.

Pos 1 dive spot in Menjangan, Bali

Eel Garden

The eel garden is a a shallow area notable for its beautiful white sand planted with hundreds of white garden eels living here. They live alongside the pygmy seahorses on the gorgonians and cleaner shrimps. The Eel Garden is perfect for a deco stop. Typically, you will be dropped in on the northwestern tip of the island. Then you will be drifting smoothly Westwards. You will explore a steep wall (12m-60m) which bolsters with marine life.

The most Western point, where the wall turns to the Southwest, is often noted as the best part of Menjangan island. Once we reach the Southeast it will be time to make our way up into the shallower water. The dazzling white sand will tell you that you are in the large colony of garden eels that covers the slope. The coral garden between 5m and 12m depth makes it a also an ideal snorkeling site. This is definitely one of our favourite dives in Menjangan.

Menjangan Cave Point

Cave Point - Diving Menjangan

We will find Cave point in the middle of the South coast of the Island. This is a very scenic wall, going in and out, with steep-sided gullies and small caves. The wall runs deep on this side of the island. And if we are lucky we can sot Manta Rays and Whale Shark here during the rainy season. Big Barracudas hang out; surgeons, snapper, grouper all are hiding in the many crevasses and overhangs. With the sun behind us, the wall takes on a surreal property with cathedral-like caves.

Menjangan Island on a sunny day


This is a drift dive. Here, a (usually) gentle current will take you drifting along the wall Eastwards. The dive start at 12m where the white sand slope meets the top of the wall going down to 40m in depth.

The coral-covered wall has plenty of small caves to explore and is full of cracks and overhangs which is perfect for underwater photography. There a variety of macro life will blow your mind. If you are lucky you can spot electric scallops. But for sure you will fina a huge variety of nudibranchs. As you dive deeper you may have the chance to see reef turtles, manta rays, sharks and occasional Mola-Molas. Between 20 and 25 meters we can sight gorgonian fans, sponges & soft corals. 

Close to the safety stop there are numerous Titan Triggerfish. Here, please be cautious here and watch out for their nests, as they can be quite protective. Also you will likely encounter many fusiliers and trevally fish here. Due to the mild conditions, this dive site is convenient for all levels from beginner to pros.,


Bat Cave & Temple Point

Bat Cave is near the entrance of a few shallow caves filled with hundreds of resting bats. Temple Point, another dives site closeby, begins at the feet of a huge Ganesh statue at the top of a cliff. Usually, thanks to the gentle currents, those two dive sites are visited at once. This is a drift dive  along a magnificent and colourful wall full of life. The top of the reef is only three meters deep here. At 14 meters, there is a beautiful cave with a sandy bottom with light coming from above. Its walls are full of small critters, i.e. electric clams.

Coral Garden

Coral Garden or Peti

Coral Garden dive site is located on the North side of Menjangan Island. The dive site has a beautiful slope starting at 5-10m with an amazing diversity of hard & soft coral, gorgonian fans and sponges. The coral reef is healthy and rich in marine life. Here you will find many cleaning stations, all attracting larger fish. We can spot large schools of fusiliers in the area and you will also see numerous trevallies & snappers. It is an easy & relaxed dive, perfect for beginners and also convenient for snorkeling!

ANKER WRECK in Menjangan

Anker Wreck - Diving Menjangan

Another popular dive is the Anker Wreck. This was a 19th century wooden ship carrying bottled cargo. It probably sunk during the World War II. But nobody really knows for sure. The dark wooden wreck lies on a sandy bottom at a depth of 35ms and goes deeper. The “Anker” name appears to come from the large rusty anchor that is in 6m depth of water at the start of the reef wall.

We will follow the chain down to 33 meters deep and see the flatten pieces of the wreck appearing. There are glass and ceramic bottles in cooper receptacles. One says that it might have contained palm wine or “Arak”. Salud!

This dive site is actually not famous for the wreck itself but more so for the impressive diversity the wall offers to us. On the wreck, there is a nice array of marine life with huge schools of yellow strip snappers and whitetip reef sharks. There is also a great chance to see a green turtle here. We will finish the dive with our safety stop following a beautiful wall. It offers many overhangs, cracks, and caves to be inspected.

Although the current is not an issue usually, this is a deep dive. So the minimum level for this dive is advanced open water

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