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Diving Gili Mimpang

Adrenaline Drift Diving and Shark Diving

Diving Gili Mimpang Dive Site Map

Diving Gili Mimpang

We recommend scuba diving in Bali’s Gili Mimpang (also known as Batu Tiga) only for experienced scuba divers. Here, diving can be an exciting adventure due to the regular strong currents we experience, especially during full moon. Gili Mimpang’s topography consists of three large rocks and another half dozen of smaller ones. Diving Gili Mimpang we often experience a visibility of around 30m.

Although this dive site is suitable for open water divers it is best suited for advanced open water divers. Here, we can often find sharks below 25m depth and currents can be strong.

Included in the Price

We include all necessities and more into our price. Dive locations, trip duration, and extras can be fully customized to your preferences and diving skills. Please contact us regarding diving Gili Mimpang and we will tailor a perfect trip for you.

  • 2 dives (3rd optional)
  • normal air tanks (Nitrox available)
  • highly professional dive and tour guide
  • all necessary diving gear
  • all transportation
  • Lunch, water and soft drinks, fresh fruit, snacks
  • fresh and clean towels
  • changing rooms and toilets
  • all marine park fees, taxes and boating services
  • one big fat smile at the end of your trip
  • Responsible diving – We are a proud eco dive shop and follow a zero plastic waste policy
Please visit our full price list for details and optional extras. We offer you amazing extras such as personalized photography  services, Enriched Air (Nitrox), extra large 15L tanks.

How we get there

From Sanur, we take one of our buses and reach the tranquil Bay of Padang Bai. The scuba dive site is located halfway towards the East coast of Bali in Amuk Bay. Leaving the beach in Padang Bai or Candidasa, we enjoy a 30 minutes ride by Junkung. This is a small and local fisherman boat.

Marine Life at the Dive Site

Diving Gili Mimpang we often encounter white tip reef sharks at the sandy bottom of the reef at about 25m depth. It is also a top dive spot to sight the rare Wobbegong Shark and even rarer Coral Cat Shark. During the Dry Season (July through October) we can even find the elusive and gigantic Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola). The sloping reef bolsters beautiful coral and an abundance of colourful schools of fish.


Experience Level:

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  • The water currents can be quite strong and tricky in the area depending on the moon phase. In some cases you will be limited to diving either the East or the West end only, both of which are amazing. Gili Mimpang is sometimes classified as a Drift dive which is a dream come true for current lovers.
  • Nico Dives Cool will provide you with an experienced dive professional who knows all sites very well. Please do not question the dive professional’s judgment. 
  • Be prepared that we may decide not to dive on certain sites if conditions are not safe to do so.
Gili Mimpang Drift Diving

Diving Gili Mimpang

Entering the water in this dive site can be tricky due to the up currents and strong swells. We always observe the currents before planning our dive here and jumping into the water. Scuba Diving in Gili Mimpang is very diverse, with sloping reefs, craggy rocks and walls all with hard and soft corals and some gorgonians. The dive spot offers one of Bali’s biggest schools of fish which are often swimming at the upper part of the reef.

Gili Mimpang is one of the best scuba dive sites in Bali to see sharks, mainly white tip reef sharks. It is also a good dive spot to see the rare Wobbegong Shark, the very rare Coral Cat Shark as well as the world famous Mola Mola (oceanic sunfish). Also we can sight large pelagic fish like trevallies and tuna fish which are often seen while scuba diving in Gili Mimpang. 

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