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Diving Gili Biaha

Shark Cave and Biaha Slope

Gili Biaha Diving Map Dive Site

Diving Gili Biaha

Gili Biaha is a rock island with a rounded cap of grass. Located about four kilometres Northeast of Tepekong, we need 45 minutes to reach the dive site by local boat from Padang Bai beach. Diving Gili Biaha is an amazing experience.

Diving Gili Biaha we can choose between two very good dive sites. The names of these top dive sites are Shark Cave and Biaha Slope. Normally, these two dive sites are combined in one dive, but only if currents allows for it. Going down, the shark cave is located at about 12m depth.

What is Included

We include all necessities and more into our price. Dive locations, trip duration, and extras can be fully customised to your preferences and diving skills. Please contact us regarding diving Amed and we will tailor a perfect trip for you.

  • 2 dives (3rd optional)
  • normal air tanks (Nitrox available)
  • highly professional dive and tour guide
  • all necessary diving gear
  • all transportation
  • Lunch, water and soft drinks, fresh fruit, snacks
  • fresh and clean towels
  • changing rooms and toilets
  • all  marine park fees, taxes and boating services
  • one big fat smile at the end of your trip
  • Responsible diving – We are a proud eco dive shop and follow a zero plastic waste policy
Please visit our full price list for details and optional extras. We offer you amazing extras such as personalized photography services, Enriched Air (Nitrox), extra large 15L tanks. 

How we get there

From Sanur, we take one of our buses and reach the tranquil Bay of Padang Bai. It is located about 45 minutes from Sanur in the East of Bali. Water temperatures throughout the year range from 21°C to 30°C! So, it is better to check with your dive shop before heading out there and bring that extra layer of protection, just in case. If you don’t have your own we will take care of you.

Marine Life at the Dive Site

At these dive sites we can encounter numerous white tip reef sharks, lobsters, crabs, and a wide variety of fish. Several times a year, when lucky, we might sight a larger pod of dolphins that live in the area. Turtles are also quite common in the area. So there is a good chance to spot these amazing prehistoric creatures of the Sea. The area outside the cave has some interesting soft corals, gorgonians, and black corals with many shrimp and crab. This is great if you love looking for macro life.

Experience Level:

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  • This dive is only for experienced divers and entering the cave is not advisable if conditions are not perfect (not too much surge). Note that currents can be strong and unpredictable. Let’s stay close to the reef and your dive guide.
  • Nico Dives Cool will provide you with an experienced & professional dive professional who knows all sites very well. Please do not question the dive professional’s judgment. 
  • Be prepared that we may decide not to dive on certain sites if conditions are not safe to do so.
Diving Gili Biaha Shark Cave

Shark Cave - Diving Gili Biaha

Entering the water in this dive site can be tricky due to the up currents and strong swells. One we enter the water, typically with negative buoyancy we try to get down and to the wall as fast as possible not to be taken away by the possible strong currents. This is definitely a dive site for thrill seekers and advanced and fit current divers.

Once at the wall we descend to 12m depth and slowly make our way towards the shark cave. Watching our air consumption and trying to streamline ourselves against the oncoming current we make use of the local topography and exercise great buoyancy. Here we are hiding behind rocks, and step by step use windows in the swell and currents to make our way inside the shark cave. 

Usually we will find numerous white tip reef sharks resting in the cave. You can see them from very close up and some nice photographs. Inside the cave we also find lobsters, shrimps and lion fish. When you leave it you will find the most amazing display of colourful reef fish and light coming through the crystal clear waters. The wall has a few terraces and you can often spot a variety of nudibranchs, leaf scorpion fish and if you are lucky, and within the right season, your will spot a mola-mola.

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