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Diving Gili

Amazing Drift Diving, Strong Currents, Shark Cave

Diving Gili (small Island in Bahasa Indonesia) off Bali is for fit, advanced, and experienced drift divers. You need to distinguish the Gilis in Bali from the backpacker famous Gilis in Lombok. Those are two different island groups all together. However, for true divers, the Gilis of Bali are definitely the more exciting choice. Here, currents can be often strong and also  change throughout the dive. These currents make for an unpredictable dive especially around the full moon and make for a pure adrenaline rush. So, speeding across the amazing corals and bottom topography is an amazing experience. 

We commonly experience down and up currents here in a high speed dive. Therefore we need to continuously monitor our depth levels and keep visual references with the topography. Our highly experienced dive guides will take care of you and help you but please listen to their guidance. The Gilis have it all: shark caves, amazing topography, diverse marine life, strong currents, high speed drift diving. Also, during the dry season we can spot the elusive Mola Mola here.

Diving Gili - The Best Dive Sites

Gili Biaha is a rocky outcrop around 1,5km North of Gili Tepekong. There can be mild to the strong currents running along the slope. That’s why this dive spots suits experienced divers very well. If you are looking for some amazing fun, this top dive spot is a must visit in Bali. Here, you can observe many species bobbing up and down the wall who catch possible tidbits as they wash by. One of the highlights of diving this amazing dive site is when you enter the big dark shark cave for the very first time. 

Gili Tepekong is a volcanic hump rising out of the water. This area is covered with soft corals that vary greatly in size from huge boulders to small sea gardens. Here, blood red sea fans, tunicates and various sponges cover the ground all around the area. Besides the sharks in the numerous rock caves, this site bolsters with incredibly rich marine life. Like all dives sites in the Gilis, we recommend this dive spot only for experienced divers due to the changing and strong currents.

Gili Mimpang is home to clouds of Chromis mixed with Crimson Basslets and schools of Rainbow Runners. This dive site comes to life with the Whitetip Sharks and potentially strong currents. The brilliant Red Sea Fans are beautiful especially when you you observe the start contrast with the yellow, black, burgundy and forest green Crinoids.The tricky and ever changing currents of Gili Mimpang make it a secretive place reserved only for experienced divers. During Mola-Mola season, you may encounter the enigmatic Sunfish here also.

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