Nico Dives Cool Bali

The 20 Days Diving Safari in Bali includes 12 diving days (31 dives in total including 3 free), 4 days of visit and 4 free and relaxing days (including the day of your arrival and the day of your return). The diving program has been designed especially for experienced divers. The order of dive sites was thought to offer a logical progression and not only in terms of the route but also regarding the specificities of dive sites and their difficulty levels.

We proposed different sites on which you will likely encounter the enigmatic Mola-Mola, and of course Manta Point for the pleasure of diving with the majestic Mantas. You will also have the chance to discover the famous wreck of the Liberty, to dive on natural and artificial reefs like the very beautiful Drop-off. In general, we think that this eclectic program will delight both the macro diving lovers and the ones who are seeking more sensations, but above all, will give you an overview of the diversity that you can encounter while diving all around Bali.

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