Bali Diving Safaris

7 Days diving Safari in Bali

7 Day Safari

Wishing to explore Bali underwater and on land but you don’t have much time? Then go for this 7 days safari that combines stunning views and breathtaking dive sites.

7 Days Diving Safari on Bali

10 Day Safari

Got a bit of time and want to enjoy your holidays without worrying about anything? This safari is what you need. We will guide you all around the Island of the God, from beautiful dive sites to surprising temples.

7 Days Diving Safari in Bali

14 Day Safari

This safari will take you from North to South, West to East. It is a complete program which includes the West of Bali and it’s well-preserved nature, as beautiful under the sea as on land.

7 Days Diving Safari in Bali

20 Day Safari

Created especially for experienced divers, this safari is the perfect combination of all Bali treasures. The underwater ones and the on-land ones together. Looking for the perfect sensational diving holidays? Here you go !!