Wrecks & Thrills

Wrecks and exploration for Adventurous divers. Wreck dives, Night Dive, Deep Dive, Drift dive & many many more! Dive the famous USAT Liberty Wreck, one of the best wreck in the world! The Wreck is so big that you need at least two dives to see it all. The stunning Tulamben Wall also called Drop Off is a great experience too and makes a perfect second dive. With the sunset, jump for a terrific night dive on the Liberty.

The following day, be the first one to dive this incredible site before the sunrise. An unforgettable experience! But that’s not all. Discover the surprising and supernatural BOGA WRECK in Kubu Village, a few kilometers North. Come and take a photo of yourselves at the wheel or at the still intact propeller! Finally, explore Amed’s fantastic underwater playground: beautiful, bright, colorful fish, and much small weird stuff to discover. From Jemeluk Bay to Bunutan, passing through the Japanese Wreck and the terrific Gili Selang, Amed will amaze you! Famous Liberty Wreck, Surprising Boga Wreck, and Japanese Wreck

Wreck and thrills Diving package in Bali

3 Days

9 Dives