Diving in Bali - Sanur

The underwater world starts only 300m off the shore from Sanur.
We take a short ride with a Junkung (local boat) for max 10 min to 3 different dives sites: Penjor Reef, Jeladi Wilis, and Channel Point.
Each of these three dive sites offers a different bottom composition. The sandy composition of the ground creates sometimes average conditions and thus, the underwater visibility can sometimes be a bit reduced. Currents are depending on the tides.
However, the mix of a nice reef and good marine life makes diving in Sanur a particularly interesting experience for the novice diver, rescue course, and for a lot of specialties. The Sanur dive sites are also adequate for experienced divers who seek nice diving close to civilization.

Penjor Reef

The trip to Penjor reef takes only a few minutes from the Sanur shore by Junkung (local boat).
There is an abundance of mature and diverse coral and marine life on this site.

Even if the visibility may not be the best the day you go, it is still a very nice dive as the volume of macro life is amazing. Some of our previous divers will credit this site as being as good as some of the more famous sites in Bali for Muck Diving.
This reef holds some surprises. You regularly find blue spotted stingrays, batfish, lionfish, nudibranchs and moray eels.
The coral reef slopes gently down to about 20 meters.

Penjor Reef dive spot in Sanur
Sanur Channel snorkeling spot in Bali

SANUR Channel / Channel Point

This dive site is one of the most commonly dived locations because it is an ideal place for dive training. This Sanur dive site is situated in the channel and has coral reef running along the edge of the channel. The slope is made with a sandy bottom .This is a good dive location for novice divers, refresher course and rescue course.  It is also a good option for those who do not have much time or want to travel a long way.

The macro marine life and coral formations make Sanur’s dive sites interesting. Sanur Channel may not offer Bali’s best diving, but if you want a quick and easy dive with interesting things to encounter, this is the place to visit. We can see here a colorful reef life, Nudibranchs, moray eel, blue spotted rays, sea snakes and lion fish with the added bonus of being close to the dive center.

The reef slopes gradually to a maximum of 20 meters. Tides have an impact on the times you can dive here


 A really nice and easy dive.

This site is situated in front of the Grand Inna Beach Hotel. It’s a great site for courses and divers that are looking for a dive site close by. You will explore a beautifull and colorful reef with healthy coral of all sorts, soft, huge bommies, pinnacles, tables … and an interesting marine life where  you will spot some nice creatures like cuttlefish, lionfish, octopus, unusual nudibranchs, scorpion fish, blue spotted stingray, shiny pufferfish.

 Reef sharks are often reported aswell.

 As the other dive sites around Sanur, this dive site has a sandy bottom. This simple, gentle dive site starts at around 3m and slopes down to about 15m. The current here can on occasion be a little strong so diving at slack tide is the best option.

Jeladi Willis dise spot in Sanur