Diving in Bali - Pemuteran

Pemuteran is located north of Bali and quite far from Sanur. So even if Nico Dives Cool can make a day trip there, it’s usually included in the Dive Safari North. Diving in Permuteran is actually quite good with clear & warm water, no current and nice coral. It is a good place for beginners, snorkeling and night Dive. Most of the dive sites are coral slopes going down to 25 m deep.
Above 6 m deep, the coral tends not to be in such good health due to the El Nino effect back in 1998. However, soon after this, a recovery project was launched. The project included sinking large artificial structures with samples of coral attached to the reef. It’s interesting to see the project successful impact and how remarkably the coral has recovered.
Around Pemuteran marine life comes in all sizes from small nudibranch and flatworms to large barracudas and tuna, and somewhere in the middle, squid, and cuttlefish. And if you are very lucky, a Manta Ray. Most of the sides are reachable by a 5-10 min boat ride. Note however that from Sanur, it will take between 3 and 4 h to reach the area. Thus, Nico Dives Cool recommends including this destination in the Dive Safari North.

Temple Garden – Taman Pura

 This mysterious location consists of a small temple complex, built in the 90’s with the help of the local dive centers. Starting at 30m it works its way back to Temple Wall. You fill find various large stone statues such as a Buddha, Ganesh and an ornate 4 meter Balinese door.

 There is as well a cleaning station homing shrimps, schools of batfish and lot of turtles. The garden is covered by gorgeous gorgonian fans.

 Diving upwards, at 15 m you will come to a reef flats with plinths and statue heads sitting in communion.

 The reef is full of small and weird critters, electric clamps, and the bommies host the usual marine life, sponges, crinoids …

Swim with turtles in sunny Bali with Nico Dives Cool Bali
LEAF SCORPION FISH, Beautiful and elegant

TEMPLE Wall – Pura Tembok

The temple wall, also named Pura Tembok, is at a 10 minutes boat ride.
It is an interesting dive with a good selection of crustaceans.
The steep wall is covered with large fans, sponges, and soft coral. You will even discover the rare flame scallop in the crannies and crevices.
The wall bottom ranges from 16 to 35 meters.
As the dive site is relatively close to the shore, the visibility may sometimes be a bit degraded.

It’s also a good snorkeling location and an excellent night dive.

BIO Wreck

This site was affected years ago by cyanide fishing and Crown of Thorn starfish. It is in recovery now thanks to AusAid funding which allowed the Reef Gardeners of Permuteran to maintain and protect the site and to sink bio-rock structures.
Bio-Rock is a technology developed to regenerate damaged reefs by charging manmade structure with low-wattage electricity to create limestone formations that quickly promote coral growth.
More than fifty-six Biorock structures have been installed since June 2000 in Permuteran Village. With a total length of 300 meters these structures electrified by solar panels, are located in an area parallel to the shore, about 50-100 meters from the coastline, in 7 to 10-meter depth. They are roughly lined up, forming a natural snorkeling and diving trail.
Good snorkeling but the site being close to shore visibility can be a little low, depending of course on tides and sea conditions.

Bio wreck in Pemuteran, Bali, indonesia


Deep middle reef is the only wall-like dive in Permuteran. It takes 5 min. boat ride to reach it.

 Recovering from the 90’s, the reef offers now beautiful sea fans and coral tables between 15 and 40 meters.

 In the shallow, there are colorful coral gardens where you can find a lot of unusual and weird creatures.

 This is a good site for night dive.


 Close Encounter is situated 2 km from the shore.

 The reef has a nice mix of hard and soft coral.  The fishes here are classic reef fishes, such as schools of snappers, large jacks, bat fish, sweet lips, emperor fish and fusiliers.

 Sometimes you have the surprise to closely encounter (reason for the site name) larger species: an eagle ray, reef sharks, tuna, even a whale shark has been reported.

 To finish off your dive there are also splendid coral gardens at 3-5 meters, where it is easy and pleasant to do a long safety stop. Also very convenient for snorkeling.

Pemuteran diving paradise with Nico Dives Cool
Macro photogaphy in Pemuteran Bali


After 15 minutes of boat ride, you will jump into the water and descend “in the blue”. The flat top of the reef is at 13 meters and its steep wall reaches the bottom at 40 meters.

 This reef has an amazing variety of corals and invertebrates, including table corals, giant leather corals, and sponges.

 It hosts numerous critters of all sort and unusual colorful nudibranchs. We can find flame scallops on the west side. Schools of fusiliers and jacks are swimming around.


 Napoleon Reef is located 2 kilometers offshore. The reef has a flat top gently sloping down, with a small wall towards the south side.

 The slopes of the reefs are covered with an amazing variety of colorful soft coral, sea fans, giant barrels and other sponges. Squid, cuttlefish and rays are sighted regularly.

 At around 20 meters depth you can see the remains of a sunken diving boat, the “Zoe”.

 This site is very convenient for snorkeling and night dive.

Napoleon reef in Padang Bai
  • Pick-up and Drop off at your hotel in Sanur or South Bali (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua) or close to the dive destination.
  • Transport by car and by traditional boat (Jukung)
  • High-Quality Diving equipment (for free if needed) – Apeks AT20
  • Beach towel
  • 2 or 3 dives guided by an experienced diving instructor or dive master
  • Drinks and snacks between the dives
  • Lunch in a nice restaurant on the beach or on the boat
  • Safety kit and oxygen
  • All diving taxes and fees
  • All transport in air-conditioned car included
  • Free pick up for area around Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Benoa, Nusa Dua & Jimbaran. For other areas, an additional fee may be charged.
  • Underwater pictures and video services available on request: $40/Day
  • Rental Diving Computer $10/Day
  • 15 Litter tank: 5$ extra per tank
  • Nitrox $5 extra per tank