Diving in Bali - Gili Tepekong

Diving at Tepekong is always exceptional. Gili Tepekong is the largest site of Amuk Bay. Tepekong is a small island that offers some of the most impressive diving in Bali. We use a Junkung from Padang Bai to reach Gili Tepekong in about 30 min.We usually dive in Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimpang, which is close by, on the same day.
Strong currents coupled with superb marine life and stunning hard and soft coral makes this dive site an unforgettable experience. You can dive on various sites around the island depending on the conditions. You can see great walls and have an amazing swim through a canyon. There are many caves and several huge boulders from the cliffs above which create an underwater aisle. You may also find many fish feeding and shelter from the currents.
On a dive in Tepekong, apart from a typical variety of coral fish, you can expect to see white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, napoleon wrasses, trevallies, turtles, jackfish, tunas, and in the season as well the mighty oceanic sunfish (Mola-mola).
The current & dive conditions can be very changeable so a good guide is essential and diver should be intermediate to experienced.
The water can be very cold as well. It can drop down to 20 degrees… But it’s also the best moment to see the Mola Mola!

The Canyon & the Patch reef area

 Off the southwestern tip of Tepekong is a well-known dive site called The Canyon. Tepekong Canyon starts at around 25 meters deep and is lined with some large black boulders of basalt carpeted with soft and hard corals.

 Drifting through the canyon in clear visibility is an awesome experience, sharks and other big pelagic are often spotted. Huge schools of sweetlips, fusiliers, trevally and snapper swirl around the canyon walls in the nutrient rich waters.

 East Tepekong offers a wall down to around 40 meters and a coral reef at 24 meters again with excellent marine life.

Gili Tepekong underwater photography of a Reef Shark