Diving in Bali - Gili Mempang

Gili Mimpang (also known as Batu Tiga) consists of three big rocks and another half dozen of smaller ones.

The site is located in Amuk Bay between Padang Bai and Candidasa; we have only 30 minutes ride by Junkung, the local boat to reach the dive spot. We are leaving from the beach of Padang Bai.

 The topography of Mimpang is diverse, with sloping reefs, craggy rocks and walls all with hard and soft corals and some gorgonians. Big schools of fish often are swimming at the upper parts of the reef.

 Gili Mimpang is one of the best dive sites in Bali to see sharks, mainly white tip reef sharks. It is also a good spot to see the rare wobbegong shark, the very rare coral cat shark as well as the world famous Mola Mola (oceanic sunfish) during the right season (August to October) because there is a cleaning station for mola-mola. Large pelagic fishes like trevallies or tuna are often see there too.

 The visibility is here around 30 meters.

 Although this dive site is suitable for open water divers it’s best for an advanced level as the sharks are often be found below 25 m deep.


The current can be quite strong and tricky in the area depending on the moon phases. In some cases you will be limited to diving either the east or the west end of the point. Gili Mimpang is sometimes classified as a Drift dive.

Gili mimpang underwater photography of a Reef Shark