Diving in Bali-Gili Biaha

Gili Biaha is a rock island with a rounded cap of grass. Located about four kilometers northeast of Tepekong, we need 45 minutes to reach the dive site by local boat from Padangbai beach.

Gili Biaha has two very good dive sites: Shark Cave and Biaha Slope. Normally, these 2 dive sites are combined in one dive, if the current allows it. Going down, the shark cave is at 12m. We can enter the cave where several white tip reef sharks are usually resting. You can see them from very close and take nice pics. In the cave, there are also lobsters, shrimps and lion fishes. When you leave it you will find the most amazing display of colorful reef fish and light through the crystal water. The wall has a few terraces and you can often spot a variety of nudibranchs, leaf scorpion fish and if you are lucky, and in the season a mola-mola.

 Leaving the cave, we can go around the island depending on the current.

The area outside the cave has some interesting soft corals, gorgonians, and black corals with many shrimp and crab, which is great if you love looking for macro life.

 Warning: this dive is only for experienced divers and entering the cave shall not be done if conditions are not perfect (not too much surge). Note that currents can be strong and unpredictable. Let’s stay close to the reef.