Gili Dive Sites - Bali

BIAHA Landscape the Shark Cave

Gili Biaha

Gili Biaha is a rocky outcrop located just off a point perhaps a mile north of Gili Tepekong. Depending on the seas and tides, there can be mild to the strong current running along the slope, that’s why it is recommended for experienced divers only, looking for some fun. Many species can be seen bobbing up and down catching possible tidbits as they wash by. And of course, experienced divers like to dive there for the sharks.

Friendly Sharks at Gili Tepekong

Gili Tepekong

Gili Tepekong is a volcanic hump rising out of the water. This area is covered with soft corals that vary greatly in size from huge boulders to small sea gardens. They adorned with blood red sea fans, tunicates and various sponges. Besides the sharks in the caves, this site is incredibly rich in marine life. Like all Gilis, only recommended for experienced divers.

Gili mimpang underwater photography of a Reef Shark

Gili Mimpang

Gili Mimpang is home to clouds of Chromis mix with crimson basslets and school of rainbow runners.There is a good diving here, with whitetip sharks that like to sleep in the current swept flats.The brilliant red sea fans are adorned with crinoids of yellow, black, burgundy and forest green.The tricky current of Gili Mimpang makes it a place reserved for experienced divers. During Mola-Mola season, you may have the chance to spot the enigmatic Sun-Fish.