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Where to eat in Sanur ?

Sanur Beach is a former fishing village. It is the oldest upscale resort area and is a mature beach-side town. Despite the abundance of restaurants and accommodation, it has a quiet and relaxed feel to it.

Sanur is full of nice restaurants, for all tastes and budgets. It goes from the traditional Warungs (small family business) to the chic restaurants.

Local Food

$ The Night Market (Pasar Malam) Jl Sindhu

This market is a must if you want to discover the local cuisine among locals, in a traditional atmosphere. There are several warungs, each offering its specialty. We love the Martabaks. The salty version is like a folded omelet, and the sweet one, also called Terang Bulang, a thick folded pancake filled with your favorite toping.

Wonder around to the Fresh Fruit Juice warung… Go for the avocado juice mixed with chocolate, it is surprisingly delicious.

$ Warung Jawa Jl Danau Poso N78

It is buffet style, with so much to choose from. Customers are tourists and locals.  The food is always freshly made as this place is open 24/24, 7 days a week. We love the Perkedel Jagun (corn donut), but also the chicken, served in different sauces, all as good as each other. Some dish might be very spicy so be aware.

$ Warung Famili Im Pantai karang

Ibu Im will serve you her Nasi Campur (rice with vegetables, meat or fish) or you can choose from the menu. She makes the best French Fries. This little warung is on the beach. It has a particular location since it is the place where cremations (aben) are done. The ceremony begins around 10.30, 11 am with the arrival of the cortege (there can be one or more cremations the same day) and ends between 3 am 4 pm.  This ceremony is a Balinese tradition worth seeing at least once.

Local, International and Fusion Cuisine.

On the beach

$-$$ Odah Oning Jl Kusuma Sari N4

Local and international cuisine. This small restaurant is located on Semawagan beach among other warung. The place is popular with locals who come to bathe and eat there, especially on Sundays. the food is varied and the prices are affordable. We particularly like the fisherman catch: fish of the day, squid and large shrimp, accompanied by small vegetables, rice or French fries.

$$-$$$ Lilla Pantai Jl sanur Beach Street Walk Jl Duyung

View of the sea, the beautiful Jukung (traditional boat), and also the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. It is a nice atmosphere to enjoy a coffee, a beer or a cocktail and Happy Hours between 3pm and 6.30 pm, ideal time for your children to play on the beach with no risk of sunburn. Lilla Pantai serves Indonesian and International cuisine, tasty and nicely presented, with excellent fruit juice and desserts.

$$-$$$ La Playa Jl Setapak

This restaurant is spacious, ideal for groups, large families with young children. You can either seat on the beach side where you are literally feet in the sand, or inside. There is a playing area for children under 5, and a changing table in the toilet area. The food is really good, and there is a large menu to choose from. We like the Balinese Rijsttafel which you can share (2 to 3 people).  A few nights during the week there is live music.

$$-$$$ Soul on the Beach Jl Pantai Sindhu

Trendy restaurant, very popular with expats and tourists. Creative dishes, rather upscale. International cuisine. There is an inside and outside sitting area. Special Menu for breakfast, with a large choice of smoothies, pancakes, sweet and salty toasts, any type of eggs, and “make your own plate”, perfect place for a long breakfast or a brunch. There is another menu for Lunch and Dinner with also a large choice of salads, pizzas, burgers and much more.

In the touristic area

$ Warung Kecil Jl Duyung No1

Cuisine Asian, sandwiches and salads. It is a very small place (kecil means small), buffet style with a choice of 3 different rice (white, red or yellow), or fixed menus. No MSG added. This place is popular with tourists and locals.

$ Dapur Oma Jl Danau Buyan No34 (Indo,Vegetarian)

Another yummy small restaurant. Buffet style. Indonesian cuisine with a western touch. This place is quite busy at lunch time. It is located on the other side of the Bypass, across from MacDonald, but it is worth the detour. Note that it closes at 9pm therefore there might be less choice if you go there late afternoon.

$$-$$$ Retro Jl Danau Tamblingan No126 (Indo/International)

A spacious restaurant with a small inside garden, in the heart of the touristic area. Staff welcoming and caring. There is a large menu to choose from, you can also share some Indonesian and Balinese platter. Retro is also located on the beach, between the Prama Beach Hotel and Mercure Hotel.

$$-$$$ Malaika Secret Moshka Jl Danau Poso No68 (Vegetarian/Indian/Fusion)

This restaurant has a somewhat atypical structure. A room on the ground floor with air conditioning and a room on the first floor open on the street. Gourmet and original cuisine, Vegetarian and Vegan, but also Indian and Asian. The food is delicious.   It is as good as it looks. There is a small shop where you can buy organic products.

$$$ Café Batu Jimbar Jl Danau Tamblingan No 75

This place is very popular with the expats leaving in Sanur, and especially the Sunday Market, where you can buy among other things, fruits and vegetables coming straight from the farmer organic garden. The food is good and they make yummy cakes. We love the Mango one… Every Saturday from 7 pm they do Salsa.

Flavors of the World

$-$$ Little Thai Warung Jl Danau Tamblingan No 78

Small restaurant easy to miss. It is located across from Biasa Boutique which is easier to spot. The menu is mainly Thai (lovely soups) but they also have the essentials of the Indonesian cuisine. The food is really good, the staff is welcoming and attentive.

$$-$$$ Kokoya Jl Danau Tamblingan No178

Small restaurant with air conditioning in the inside part where you seat the Japanese way (low table), or you can seat outside.  The staff is friendly and the service is efficient.  It’s a good place to go with friends and just order a whole lot of different things to share. Great choice for vegetarian too.

$-$$ Dapur Deli Jl Kutat Lestari No 72

Small restaurant, nicely decorated with a cozy atmosphere, offering everything from comfort classics, such as pies and lasagnas, through to healthy salads and sandwiches. We love the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. Great place to hang out, away from the busy touristic area.

$$-$$$ Paris’I Jl Batur sari No 36 (French)

This restaurant is open in the evening only, from 5 pm until 10 pm.  If you want to taste French Cuisine at a reasonable price, Paris’I is the place to go. The menu is updated every week.  The chef and his team will always manage to make you feel at home. There is a nice garden in the backyard, calm and green,  perfect place to relax. We love the Magret de Canard and the Chocolate Mousse… Paris’I is off the touristic area, on the other side of the Bypass but worth the detour.

$$-$$$ Gateway to India Jl Danau Tamblingan No 103

Authentic Indian cuisine. Gateway of India has 5 other restaurants around Bali. It is specialized in Catering Service, Weddings and Parties. The food is good, with a large choice of all the essentials of the Indian cuisine. Their breads are really good, try the Royal Bread Basket with a bit of all of the breads in. The staff is friendly and attentive.

$$$ CharMing Jl Danau Tamblingan No 97 (Open from 5 pm) (French)

As soon as you have passed the huge wooden door of this Javanese Joglo (traditional wooden house) you are in another world. All the artifacts and furnishings have been carefully selected by Mister Ming, the owner of this amazing place. They have a large menu to choose from, especially Seafood, French and Indonesian as well. The soft lighting, the music and attentive staff will make your evening an experience to remember.

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