The Water and Us

It’s the beginning of life

The life starts in the water. The human body is conceived in the belly of it’s mum. We were not bigger than a chickpea that we were swimming in the amniotic fluid. Dabbling since our first hours, we are naturally able to swim. It is then not surprising that we go back to the water after our birth. Relaxing and anti-stress element, the water brings serenity and joy to the new borns.


The benefits of water are numerous and will soothes your new born. As the baby lived for months in the amniotic fluid, he is instinctively comfortable with water, he naturally put his head under and can hold his breath, which is quite surprising. The fear comes later, if the infant has never been to the pool or the ocean since his birth. The class aquababy help to develop the motor skills and the confidence of the little ones, also awaken its senses. At the contact with the water, baby flourishes smoothly. For the parents, the moment of complicity that you will share with your infant is unique and truly special. The goal of the aquababy class is not to learn how to swim but to relax and enhance the baby wellbeing. A toddler won’t know how to perfectly swim until it reaches 3 years old but will be happy and comfortable in a pool at the right temperature.

Swimming lessons

From 3-4 years old, can start the swimming lessons. At this age, the classes last around 30 minutes to 1-hour maximum. The capacity to focus of the child is still limited and shorter classes will be more efficient than never-ending ones. For whom that did not do the baby swimmers it will be a big step and a new adventure! Moment of joy and hapiness. Private classes or groups, different options are possible, depending on the need of your child. He/she will leave the lesson, serene, appeased and more mature. From 6 years old, he/she should be able to swim a 25 meters long, or more, autonomously.

Scuba Rangers

The program Scuba Rangers allow kids from 8 to 12 years old to discover the diving world. Your kid will learn with a qualified instructor the basics and all they need to know to be able to dive safe. The instructor, trained especially to give this class, will not let the kids go down 5 meters. The course happens in the pool or in confined waters for security matters. Learn to empty his mask, put on correctly your fins, equalize your ears, are skills, that your children will love to learn and are necessary in order to enjoy dives. The passionate ones will be able to continue towards the Junior Open Water from 10 years old.

Open Water 

Independence and confidence are the main things your kid will learn. With this course the students will be able to go down 18 meters and start exploring the underwater world. Three days are necessary to complete this course. Unusual activity, the dives will open the younger ones to the beauties of this world and will raise their awareness towards the environmental issues of this century. Witness the marine turtles, finding yourself face to face with clown fishes, swim with Manta Rays, a dream that we all have. Your teenagers will find a new passion.

Benefits of the Thalasso

When we wish to relax and chill, we straight away think about a stay at a Thalasso in the sunny South of France. A Thalasso is a complex with salty water swimming pools, massages from all over the world, and scrubs with relaxing music’s to promote well-being and peacefulness. The elderly find there a well-deserved rest and the pleasure of being spoiled. Green algae treatments, clay wrap, there are something for everyone. Did you know that a Thalassophile is someone who intensely love the ocean? In a Thalasso, the ocean water is heated between 31 and 35 degrees. In order to help the pores dilate. This to stimulate the blood circulation and the cardio vascular system. The ocean and the marine winds, loaded with ions eliminate tiredness and help the body to rest. So, a little holiday in a Thalasso or by the ocean is advised as soon as a little fatigue is felt.

Save the water to save the life

We will be nothing without water, element necessary for all life on earth. The plants, the animals, the fruits the humans. Our body is made of not less than 60% of water. It’s the reason why it is advise to drink minimum 1.5 L of water per day. With the damages due to the environmental pollution, the pesticides, the GMO, the micro plastics, etc… The clean water is disappearing at an alarming speed. It is important to keep an ecologic consciousness and avoid wasting the water so we can offer to our children a healthy world.

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