Rafting, a Great Activity for Everyone

Rafting Graha river in Bali

Rafting, a Great Activity for Everyone

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Bali is, yes, a small island but surely not one where you will get bored…Rice fields, trekking, swimming, kayaking, yoga, diving, there is a lot to do. One of our favorite activity, after diving and snorkeling of course, is…rafting !! Yes, an other aquatic activity!!

The Ayung river is THE river for rafting adventures!!

Rapids, waterfalls and carving, it got everything to make your day unforgettable.

But, you must be aware that the way down to the river, which one you will have to walk back up after rafting, is actually steps that will probably leave your muscles stiffs but it’s worth it!!

Rafting experience in Bali

Le Ramayana tattooed on the rocks

Past the first kilometers of rafting down and a few emotional moments, you will be able to admire wonderful and surprising carvings done on the rocks looking like Mythological scenes.

Those carvings, only visible from the river bed, illustrate the Ramayana, a Hindu legend dating from the 5th century before JC. and well-known in all Asia.

The Ramayana is an epic Hindu poem about the King Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, God of the Protection. It tells about Rama’s incarnation and his exile and search for his stolen wife Sita by Ravana, king of the Devils.

This carving was ordered by a hotel to a famous local carver to attract tourists in this area. 2 years were necessary to finish this masterpiece that now ravishes adventurers.

This amazing work covers a few hundred meters and definitely add something fantastic to your rafting experience. Feel free to ask your guide to tell you Ramayana’s fascinating story.

Graha river historical carvings

Magnificent waterfalls

Half way, feeling like in an adventurous movie set up, between green nature, coconut and banana trees, the waterfalls appear, impressive and majestic at once. Take a fresh bath there, the exotic vegetation and the birds singing add to the picturesque of the place, leaving you a peaceful feeling. But not for very long!! After a few minutes, other groups will arrive who will most likely engage a water battle, fun and good atmosphere is promised!! The companies’ photographer will take care to not miss any of this comic moments, offering you printed memories at the end of your trip.

Fun rafting in Ubud

Only one wish, get back to it!!

The outing will end too early for sure and you will have only one wish, go back for another round!

Once the boat landed, you will have to enjoy the walk up and for reward you will find a table full of yummy local dishes!! Happy tummy and good vibes ahead.


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