Nico Dives Cool rewarded for his efforts to protect the environment

Nico Dives Cool actions in the last few years

Since he opened his dive center, Nico never stopped his engagement towards the environment. Being a passionate diver, Nico has a strong connection with the nature and realize the importance of keeping it untouched and alive. The pollution problems nowadays in Indonesia are big and Nico is willing to do his best to stop the damages.

Since 2013 Nico Dives Cool offers free water to whom enter their shop with a refillable bottle or a glass in order to avoid useless consumption of single-use plastic ones. They provide plastic-free lunch boxes and snacks and also free reef-safe sunscreen for all their customers and diving guides. Frequent beach and underwater clean ups are part of Nico Dives Cool calendar every month while their team of local dive guides and dive masters are encouraged to do the same. Nico regularly trains them on how to respect and protect the ocean and its marine life. In 2016 we join the Role Foundation Diveathon and been awarded for being the most Enthusiastic team. Every year we actively participate in The Bye Bye Plastic bag big clean up at Mertasari beach in Sanur.

Nico Dives Cool proudly take action to save our blue planet from the invasive plastic waste! Follow our social medias to know when our next beach clean-up will take place and join us!

Nico and Green Fins working side by side

Recently member of Green Fins, encouraging sustainable tourism all over the world, Nico can now use the material support provided by this well-known association to train his dive masters and instructors and teach his customers the simple ways of respecting and protecting our beloved environment while diving.

Green Fins is paving the way to unite politics and sustainability for marine conservation at diving popular diving destinations around the world. Established through a partnership between the United Nations Environment Program and The Reef-World Foundation in 2004, Green Fins uses a unique and proven approach; green certifications of dive centers, strengthening regulations and environmental education for dive staff, divers and government. Almost 500 dive and snorkel operators across seven countries have signed up for membership, and are using Green Fins as a platform to set examples of sustainable business operations. To find them and to find out how you can dive your way to a more sustainable future, visit

Nico Personality of the Year 2018

Here we are, April 2018, Nico get on the plane, ready for 3 days of crazy promotion of his dive center on the famous ADEX dive exhibition, in Singapore.

Just set up on his booth, Nico was surprised to get called to the stage…What’s going on? Nico, you win the Blue Green 360 Awards, prize of the personality of the year!!

The Awards rewarded 3 businesses and 1 individual for their great practices of sustainable tourism.

Oh great, Nico so very proud, is being rewarded for his numerous efforts to protect our mother earth in his daily life and activities. Running a business and trying to be zero waste can be a bit challenging sometimes but it’s all worth it! You go Nico!

 “The business nominees were reviewed on how they maximize benefits and add value to marine biodiversity and coastal environment, adopt innovative means to minimize negative impact to marine and coastal environments, actively engage communities in sustainable marine tourism, and adopt sustainable environmental practices in its operations.

The individual winner was reviewed based on pioneering efforts in promoting sustainable marine tourism in the private sector and mobilization of various stakeholders in promoting sustainable business practices.”

Explained the Coral Triangle Center, organizer of the competition.

Future actions: Educating the youth

For the future, Nico got lots of projects. Keep doing clean ups whenever he has time, keep teaching his customers, training his staff to better environmentally-friendly manners while diving and spread the awareness. Our world is so beautiful don’t spoil it!

By showing the beauties of our underwater world Nico hopes that people will realize the urge need to stop consuming like we are doing nowadays.

“Educating the youth is one of the best way to change this world for the bestsaid Nico.

And this is why his next project is to take local kids for free to the beach and snorkel with them to share his passion for the nature and its treasures. In this coming year Nico will organize this with his team in Sanur beach, educating by playing the new generation.

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