A sky full of kites

Playful activity, full of believes and superstitions, the kite is a real National sport, a real passion for the Balinese. We find some of all shapes and colors but usually representing Balinese mythology. Some are over 10 meters long! The enormous kites are perfectly mastered by young villagers. You can see them flying in the air graciously. Their show will enchant you and their dance will take you to a dreamy place. Welcome to the Island of the Gods, where, you can raise your eyes up to the sky and let your thoughts flying around.

Favorite hobby of the Balinese

Since very young, the Balinese learn to handle the threads of the kites and if you look up, you will surely see one or two spinning between the clouds and the sun during the windy season from June till September. The beaches, vacant lands and alleyways are the student’s favorite playgrounds as soon as the school classes finish. Till sunset we can admire those flying creatures, which ones are manipulated with ability and passion. Some are built from trash, a simple plastic bag and a thread make the perfect kite for toddlers, and others, bought at the producer, more impressive, are constructed from bamboo and fabric. Light wooden heads representing Hindus divinities are giving them a very special character.

National contest

Every year, Padang galak and Mertasari beaches, become big playgrounds for young Balinese that practice for the big competition taking place around august, during the windy season. The judges watch the best launch, the best design and the longest flight. Each ‘banjar’ (village community) compete with creativity and skills, showing off their beautifully hand-crafted peace of art to the curious whitenesses coming to enjoy the incredible show of hundreds of kites flying in the air. These giants flying over the buildings are sometimes so huge that 10 people are not enough to carry them and manage the take off. The more they are big and impressive, the more the Banjar youth community is happy and proud. A contest not to miss if you are in Bali at this time of the year.

Balinese believes

This activity is dedicated to the God Angon, who fertilizes the crops and keep the people healthy. Playing kites is not only a recreational activity but also a way to guarantee prosperity on the island. Inhabited by good spirits, the kites bring joy and confidence to the Balinese and colors to the sky. We send them to thank the Gods after a good harvest, showing them our gratitude. An activity full of meanings like always in Bali.

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