3 Thrilling Activities to Try on Your Next Holiday

Your out of office is on, you’ve packed your swimwear and sun cream and you’re ready for some adventure! There’s no better time than when you’re on holiday without a care in the world to try out new things that you usually wouldn’t have the chance to. But with so many options out there, where do you begin? We’ve compiled a few awesome ideas below to get you started.

There are lots of things you need to remember to sort out before you get on your flight – such as visas, having the right currency, a no-fee bank card, and the right outfits. One of the most important things to consider is your travel insurance policy. Getting injured, becoming ill or having your flight canceled all come under your travel insurance. It’s important that when considering some outdoor activities like these, you check your travel insurance policy and are clued up on what you’re covered for and whether you need to add an extension to your policy. Some countries, such as Thailand and Cuba, require all tourists to have travel insurance to ensure that they can enjoy the full thrills while remaining covered in the event of an accident.


1. Learn how to scuba dive

Open up a whole new underwater world and give diving a go! 

Scuba Diving is one of the most thrilling and rewarding holiday activities going, but it requires you to put some background work in. Diving requires courage, determination and some nifty underwater breathing. It’s important you learn to dive through a shop that uses one of the internationally recognised accreditations such as SSI or PADI to ensure you’re getting the safest – and best – introduction to the bulk of our blue planet. Did you know that 72% of the Earth is water? Scuba diving is the ultimate way to make sure you get the chance to explore our planet properly! Some of the best spots to get familiar with scuba diving include : Bali, which is part of the Indonesian-Philippines Region, and the Far Southwestern Pacific Region (also known as The Coral Triangle),  the world-famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the popular Sharm El-Sheikh resort in Egypt and, for an excellent budget option, the southern beaches of Thailand.


2. White water rafting

White water rafting is one of the most thrilling – and definitely one of the wettest – activities you can try out. As an adventure sport it has become famous for its dreamy combination of adventure, affordability and accessibility. Most countries you travel to will offer it somewhere, along with other water adventures such as canyoning and hiking to a waterfall. Nowhere is this quite as true as South East Asia, a region jammed full of wild rides for backpackers and holidaymakers alike. But other famous white water spots include the USA’s Colorado River, as well as the magical rainforest setting of the Rio Upano in Ecuador. A wild and scenic ride, rafting can be one of the coolest ways to experience the magnificent forces of nature. Make sure you choose a reputable agency who speak your language and conduct full safety demonstrations. Whether you’re a first-time paddler or an adrenaline junkie, this is an experience you’re sure to love and will never forget!


3. Bungee jumping

This is something that’s probably on everyone’s bucket list but we’re all a little bit nervous about trying it! With the opportunity to conquer fears and get an amazing adrenaline rush, this activity should definitely be one you consider while traveling. There are some beautiful destinations all over the world where you can bungee jump, including majestic gorges and raging rivers. Happily, this is one extreme activity that can be enjoyed the world over. Some of the best bungee jumping locations in the world include Queenstown in New Zealand, Innsbruck in Austria and (for those fancying a more urban jump) the Macau Tower in Macau! Once you’re over the initial heart-pounding moment, you can really appreciate seeing the world from a completely different angle and you’ll know you’ve accomplished something great… maybe so much so that you’ll want to bungee jump again!

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